Approval processes for module proposals were revised from October 2010. Proposals for new modules, or amendments to modules will now be approved within academic departments, with the exception of collaborative modules which will still need to be considered by Faculty Sub-Committees and the Collaborative, Flexible and Distributed Learning Sub-Committee. In addition to a revised form, the following documentation is available to both assist staff in developing proposals and to guide departments in considering module proposals.

Module Forms includes forms for new and revised modules and forms for new or revised Open Studies Certificates.

Guidance for Staff provides advice and guidance for staff developing proposals for new and revised modules, including how to complete the proposal form.

Guidance for Academic Departments provides advice and guidance for academic departments on the consideration of new module proposals. It also sets out the governance and reporting requirements under the new processes and includes information on deadlines for approval and submission of proposals.

Approval Checklist sets out the issues an academic department should be considering when reviewing proposals for new and revised modules. Approval of a module proposal constitutes confirmation by the department that the module proposal satisfactorily addresses the issues set out in the Checklist.

Faculty Sub-Committees audit departmental module approval processes on a regular basis to ensure that these processes are appropriate for assuring that the quality and standards of teaching and learning are maintained and that those departmental processes and the University guidance on module approval are being effectively implemented. Further details are set out in the Operational Guide .