Welcome to the Module Evaluation pages, where you can access policy and guidance on Module Evaluation and Student Feedback on Modules in the links below.

View the principles of Module Evaluation which were agreed through the University’s governance structure.

View the policy on Student Feedback on Modules, and in particular, the use of module surveys. Departments and individual teaching staff will also receive direct feedback from students, may wish to use additional own surveys, gain feedback through student representatives or SSLCs, or have other means of engaging students in the enhancement of modules.

Approved by SLEEC and the Education Committee, this policy was developed by a team of Fellows from the Warwick International Higher Education Academy:

Russell Boyatt (ITS), Jane Bryan (Law), Nikola Chmel (Chemistry), Gill Cooke (Engineering), Jenni Good (Law), Katharine Gray (ARO), Cathy Hampton (Modern Languages and Culture), Geraldine Hartshorne (WMS), Yvette Hutchison (Theatre and Performance Studies), Liam Jackson (SU), Elizabeth Jones (Economics), Jennie Mills (LDC), Lydia Plath (History), Sophie Reissner-Roubicek (CAL), Clare Rowan (Classics), Karen Simecek (Philosophy), Amber Thomas (ITS), Elke Thonnes (Statistics), Jo Wale (IATL), Anne Wilson (SCS), Hope Worsdale (SU), and Gwen Van der Velden (WIHEA)

View the guidance on Student Module Feedback surveys, a centrally provided system. Please check whether your department uses this or an alternative approach. If your department uses another system, you may want to refer to departmental administrative colleagues or the Director of Studies for further information.

Finally, colleagues have requested further guidance on specific aspects of module surveys and their use, and this is currently under development. Case studies showcasing best practice across the institution will also become available in due course.