The Strategic Departmental Review process

The key aspects of Strategic Departmental Review (SDR) are as follows:

The main purpose of the Strategic Departmental Review process is to assure the quality of the full range of a Department or Centre’s activities and provide an opportunity for reflection and external advice as to how to enhance these activities and what new opportunities there may be to pursue. The objectives of Strategic Departmental Review which relate to courses are:

Review Panel

The panel included three senior colleagues from outside the University:

The panel also included two senior colleagues from Warwick:

The secretary for the review was drawn from the University's administrative staff.

The Department provided the written evidence base for the review, including:

Scope of review

The following courses were included in the scope of the review:

Conduct of review

The review panel read the written evidence provided by the department and discussed issues with staff and student in a number of meetings over three days:

Key findings

The review panel confirmed that the Centre was one that was recognised internationally for having high quality teaching and research.

The Centre was consistently demonstrating good practice in terms of:

There were a number of recommendations for the Centre to consider as it continues to develop and enhance its courses:

Further information

The report of this review was considered by the following committees: