The LEGACY projects' principle aim is to investigate the methodological approach determining what learning gain is. To this end the project seeks to engage with all individuals that have a vested interested in the future of Higher Education, whether an academic, policymaker(s) and those that benefit from education - students themselves. A larger copy of the image can be found here

An interactive workshop took place on the 1st February 2017 at The University of Warwick where students were asked to share their views of and understanding what learning gain might mean to them, and was complemented by their journey and experiences into higher education. The participating students represented a wide mix of backgrounds, a relatively equal split of males and females representing engineering, law, medicine, language, communications, economics and the arts disciplines. Individuals represented a wide breadth of country of origin and more importantly different educational experiences and learning behaviours. The illustration above captured the students journey of transitioning into HE, sharing opinion of different skills required, experience of different teaching styles, learning outcomes how learning gain could measured and the implications to consider. As students were from different years of study, at different stages (UG, PG, and Masters) the richness of experiences was vastly different and exceptionally rich. The participants also shared what they feel are outcomes of university, ideas for measuring learning gain and identified how and what they are learning and when that learning occurs. This excellent graphic captures the journey of participants.

More information regarding the workshop and future events can be found by contacting Sunil Maher, LEGACY Project Manager at