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Module content and teaching

Principal aims

• To introduce students to the rationale for and the purpose of global economic governance. • To equip students with an understanding of the contemporary international forums, institutions, and actors that constitute global governance processes. • To develop student abilities to present a well-made, coherent and logically consistent argument supported by a coherent theoretical framework. • To enhance student research skills through the collection and analysis of information from a wide range of sources.

Principal learning outcomes

• A critical understanding of the rationale for and the purpose of global economic governance. • An ability to identify and explain the roles of the principal actors who seek to govern the world economy. • Enhanced oral and written communication skills to understand, summarize, and discuss how the governance of the world economy is undertaken in specific issue areas. • An ability to critically analyse and evaluate future developments in global economic governance.

Timetabled teaching activities

9 x 2 hour seminars

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Module assessment

Assessment group Assessment name Percentage
20 CATS (Module code: PO9C2-20)
A (Assessed work only) 5000 word essay 100%

Module availability

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