Untitled by Rachel Whiteread

© courtesy the artist

Untitled is from Ingleby Gallery’s ‘Billboard for Edinburgh’, an exciting ongoing public art project started in 2008. The project asks selected artists, four each year, to produce a large billboard poster for the gallery’s exterior side wall. The project has included many celebrated artists including Whiteread who was the second to be displayed in 2008. To complement the billboard each work is reproduced as a signed and numbered limited edition print.

The inspiration for Whiteread’s billboard and subsequent print came from her installation, Place (Village), which was included in the Hayward Gallery’s ‘Psycho Buildings’ exhibition. The origins of Place date back to the purchase by Whiteread of 3 or 4 dolls’ houses over 20 years ago, friends and family assuming that Whiteread was starting a collection, began to purchase and look out for dolls’ houses for her, resulting in a substantial collection of around 200 houses which she decided to use in a series of works throughout 2008.