Please note this collection of FAQs is not meant to be exhaustive. It's intended to be a collection of the most common queries. If you can't find an answer to your question, please email

How do I report an Information Security Incident?

How do I know what information I have?

How do I know what constitutes acceptable use of my University computer or device?

How do I know when it's ok to use my personal computer or device for work?

How do I secure my Smartphone or portable device?

How do I lock my computer?

How do I keep safe online?

How do I protect my identity when online?

How do I know my computer or device has been attacked or compromised?

How do I choose a good password?

How do I protect a document (Word, Excel, PPT, PDF)?

How do I keep information safe on campus?

How do I keep information safe off campus?

How can I access University information remotely? 

How do I use email effectively?

How do I choose an appropriate supplier or service provider?

How can I use Cloud Services for University information?

How can I share information?

How does PCI DSS affect the University?

How does information security affect my research project?