Maria KaparouMaria has made a substantial contribution to the teaching at the Warwick Institute of Education. She teaches on 4 core modules and is an Educational Leadership and Management tutor and International tutor where she also mentors and provides pastoral support for students. Feedback from staff and students demonstrate her success in all elements of the teaching and support roles.

Her ability to engage with students and in particular the quieter students has been highlighted “Maria has been able to break down the barriers that we have struggled with and she has managed to engage some of the most introverted students from more reserved cultures” and “it is her persistent and engaging approach that helps students to think independently and talk in a less threatening environment has been the success of the mentoring part of the programme”.

Developing learning communities in which students collaborate and share their understanding of research or literature-based areas is one method in which Maria uses to stimulate students to actively participate in’ learning beyond the classroom’. For example she has created topic-related focus groups in which students discussed research from different perspectives. As organiser and key contributor to the Leadership Network Seminar Series, she has provided even more opportunities for students to engage in the wider departmental activities.