The Situation
enrolment 2015

During student enrolment in 2015 there had been some significant issues and the enrolment process hadn't run as smoothly as the enrolment team would have liked. In 2015 enrolment took place in the Panorama suite in the Rootes building. All new students needed to attend to collect their Warwick ID cards but some students also needed to attend for immigration and visa checks, collecting status letters, registering with the Health Centre and getting advice from Student Finance. Combining all these functions into one area had led to significant delays during arrivals weekend, often for very straightforward tasks, and had meant that students did not get a good first impression of joining Warwick and were dissatisfied with the process. Senior Officers wanted to see a step change with the current process and they outlined ideas for a future state enrolment process.

The Solution

Following on from the Senior Officer workshop, a Rapid Improvement Event (RIE) was held in January 2016 bringing together colleagues from Academic departments, the Academic Office, Office for Global Engagement, Strategic Planning and Analytics Office, Student Reception, Student Careers and Skills, Students' Union, and Warwick Conferences. They wanted to radically rethink the enrolment process to make it a better experience for students and the staff involved. The event led to a number of key decisions: