Project Highlight

Using SCD techniques Estates have improved their communications, internally and externally, to ensure more efficient project management, better service for external departments and improved staff morale.

What was happening?

Estates projects staff raised the issue of poor communications in their November 2015 Away Day. Teams were often working in ‘silos’, unaware of what was going on in other teams, which was leading to inefficient project planning. There were issues surrounding the clarity of communication with stakeholders. Staff also felt that more needed to be done on communicating and celebrating the successes of individuals and the department.

Estates Briefing Presentation

What did we do?

Estates created a project group to address these issues, using SCD tools to manage the work. There were several work streams within the project and each one was assigned a project lead, someone to be accountable for the progress, and stakeholders to be consulted and informed were identified. The team are hard at work and have made a range of improvements so far, with more in development. They are using the practice of continuous improvement to review their changes, adjusting when necessary, to make further enhancements.

Estates Map Table