The module is assessed via a project consisting of two case studies. The first case study is based on the video interview below. We ask you to interpret the case study using a range of career development theories. A set of theoretical questions and a full transcript of the video interview are provided to help you to do this. For the second case study, we ask you to provide an example of your work. In constructing your work-based case study, we ask you once again to use career development theories as a basis for integrating theory and practice.

CDT assignment details in full

Transcript of Tom's and Rosie's interview
Download a copy of this interview transcript as part of your work on the 1st Case Study.

Theoretical questions
Use these theoretical questions to help you to complete the 1st Case Study.

There are 2 interviews in the video below and you are asked to scroll forward to around 29.55 where the second interview starts (Adviser Tom and Client Rosie). Click on the play arrow in the toolbar below to start the video.