This is the current assignment for this module. It contains both formative and summative elements. The formative dimension is designed to 'help us help each other' through peer review. There are no right and wrong answers!


Reviewing a career-related learning resource (using the forum)
In order to help with the final assignment, you are asked to engage in this activity between 30/11/14 and 31/1/15. Please visit Reviewing career-related learning resources for more detail. Note that you are also most welcome to discuss your formative work on this module individually via tutorial.



Career-related learning project (5000 word limit: weighting 100%)
This module is summatively assessed via a C-RL project in a context of your choice. You are asked to develop a case study using the headings outlined below.

Describe a particular group of people you are interested in. Evaluate the formalised C-RL activities currently taking place (if any) and other relevant forms of career learning. Consider briefly the wider context such as: nature of the group; nature of organisational context; future destinations; and any other relevant information. (Word guide: 1000)

Design (or revise) a C-RL programme for the case study context containing between four and eight sessions. Describe the overall programme and the participants' intended movement through it. (Word guide: 1500) (Provide detailed session plans for each session in your programme showing session aims, learning outcomes, activities and assessment methods and include in the appendix; this does not form part of the word count).

Provide a rationale for the design of your programme and its constituent sessions, making specific reference to the phrasing of learning outcomes and the choice of teaching and assessment methods. You are asked to link the learning verbs used in the learning outcomes with one or more theories of learning but no more than three. Link the knowledge and understanding identified in the learning outcomes with topics and debates appropriate to our field. (Word guide: 1500)

Make recommendations as to how this new programme could be negotiated, implemented and evaluated. (Word guide: 1000)

Final points
Submit both parts of the project at the same time. The assignment must be submitted using the the online submission system. You will be invited to give overall feedback on the module as part of this. Word limits must be adhered to within a 10% leeway and beyond this may be penalised. Coursework will be assessed against the learning outcomes described in the module specification and postgraduate assessment criteria. The course guide to referencing (e.g. citation style, use of reference list and bibliography) and presenting must be used. Links to all these elements are available in the online student handbook in the student course space.

You are entitled and encouraged to arrange a tutorial to discuss any aspect of this module. This should be done at least one month before the submission date. This can take place via Skype, phone or face-to-face at the University and last between 15-60 minutes as needed. To get the ball rolling, please email some possible dates and times to