There are two articles in your reading pack which consider the relationship between individual's faith, or spiritual orientation, to their career decisions and actions.

Analysing the career concerns of spiritually oriented people: lessons for contemporary organizations

Lips-Wiersma (2002) argues that spirituality provides a framework to interpret life events and considers this from an individual (career stories) as well as an organisational perspective. The author presents findings from a psycho-biographical study of 16 'spiritually oriented people'. She produces a model of spiritual coherence, balancing a 'self' and 'other' orientation with 'being and doing'.

Prayer, meditation and contemplation in career decision making (Hambly 2011)
Hambly (2011) explores the practices of people of differing faiths in career decision making. She offers contemplation and reflection as an approach to career decisions that can be used in our work with clients and provides a case study of practice. Hambly, significantly, connects faith to adaptability.

What do you think it means to 'have faith'?