Welcome to the Career Development Theories module

In terms of supporting career development, the focus of this module, and the overall course, is on career development learning i.e. our own learning and the many ways we can facilitate this learning in others. The support of career development is here being interpreted as involving a wide range of activities including one-to-one discussions, group work, courses, online activities, events and reading. It also includes the marketing and management of these activities. This view of our work will enable you to design support for the career development of clients in many contexts and roles.

Saying hello in the forum
The forum is used thoughout the module to facilitate responses to exercises and formative assessment. It is our space and only module registrants and staff can see our posts. As a first step, you are asked to introduce yourself in the module forum. As a partly distance-learning module, it is helpful if other people can see who is studying. Please do this now by clicking on this forum link and locating the thread entitled Introductions for all new module participants.

Using the online lectures
As you will see, the core module content is delivered via a series of online lectures.

Core and further reading
There are core readings linked to each of the online lectures. All the core readings are provided in electronic format in the Core and further reading section. Further reading is signposted throughout the module and is listed below the core reading. Further reading is not supplied as the online lectures, workshop and core reading are designed to be self-contained.

At the workshops, we will use additional video case studies to discuss the career development theories. The workshops usually run in October and April.

There are a number of activities threaded through the module. These are usually indicated by a blue box similar to this one!

You are entitled and encouraged to have at least one tutorial as part of this module. Further tutorials can also be discussed as the need arises. Please see details in the Assignment pages.

Typical progress through the module
Month 1: say hello on the forum, engage in initial reading and attend workshop
Month 2: participate in formative assessment activity
Month 3: arrange a tutorial with module leader
Month 4: further reading and case studies
Month 5: completion of summative assignment

Module home page
The module home page acts as an anchor and can be used as a base for navigating around the module. The sections within it are designed to be used in the order shown. Each of the main sections entails approximately four guided learning hours. This is intended as a very rough guide to aid in planning your time.


We hope that you find the module relevant, stimulating, and above all enjoyable!

Best wishes


Phil, Catherine & Gill