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Dear Mentor

Welcome to the University of Warwick ITT programme and thank you for agreeing to be a mentor for our trainees.

Subject specific mentors play a crucial role in the support and development of teacher trainees, through the sharing of experience and expertise in a supportive and encouraging manner. For quality purposes, and in order for us to showcase the skills and expertise of mentors working with trainees, it would be very much appreciated if you could provide us with the following information. This form should take around 5 minutes to complete Information gathered will be shared only with the ITT tutor you are working with and will be used solely for the purpose of improving the quality of the mentoring experience. You will be given an option to include contact details at the end of the form, should you identify that you require any further information, guidance or training.

Many thanks for your cooperation.

Ellen Buttler

Course Director

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If you have indicated that you would like additional training, then please provide your name and an email address for contact purposes.
Thank you once again for your time, it is much appreciated!
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