Welcome to the September edition of our Community of Practitioners' Bulletin - your link to what's been happening in Teacher Education in the Lifelong Learning Sector in the last month.

This month Vince Cable set out his view for HE and FE within HE at the UK Universities Annual Conference and there will be less red tape around Apprenticeships; LSIS has set out a new strategic framework 'New Freedoms: New Focus' together with an Intentions document; the discussions around QTLS being accepted by schools is moving forward and Ofsted is including Awarding Body provision in their Initial Teacher Educator Inspections this year.

There are three documents I would draw to your attention: firstly a useful list of strategic publications from LSIS; secondly a PTLLS mapping document between the revised PTLLS 2011 outcomes and the PTLLS 2007 outcomes; and thirdly a document matching resources against the PTLLS2011 outcomes. Your views on these would be really valued at wmcop@warwick.ac.uk.

We'd welcome your views and any recommendations you have on articles, books or useful websites you've discovered so email us at: wmcop@warwick.ac.uk and share your ideas.

See below for:

News from the Profession


Discussion documents



BIS (Department for Business, Innovation and Skills)


Vince Cable's speech at the UK Universities Annual Conference: Vince Cable sets out the Government's agenda for HE and FE within HE in this keynote speech which can be read at: http://www.bis.gov.uk/news/speeches/vince-cable-uuk-conference-2011

Cutting Apprenticeship Red tape for employers: John Hayes has announced a package of new measures to make it easier for employers to take on large numbers of apprentices. For details see: http://www.bis.gov.uk/news/topstories/2011/Sep/apprenticeships-red-tape-slashed. See also the LSIS section below.

Consultations: The following areas for consultation are still open for your comments:
New Challenges, New Chances - see the Summer Bulletin - details at:
Higher Education: Students at the Heart of the System: Details of the consultation on the regulatory reform of the HE system can be found at: http://www.bis.gov.uk/Consultations/he-technical-consultation-fit-for-purpose-regulatory-framework?cat=open

 DfE (Department for Education)


Consultation launched to lift Teacher Restrictions: The DfE has launched a consultation to enable schools to appoint teachers who have QTLS or who are qualified from Australia, Canada, New Zealand or United States. Details at: http://www.education.gov.uk/inthenews/inthenews/a00198390/consultation-launched-to-lift-teacher-restrictions

Standards and Testing Agency: This body will take responsibility for assessment from early years to key stage 3 from 3 October to replace the Qualifications and Curriculum Development Agency. News report at: http://www.education.gov.uk/inthenews/inthenews/a00198081/standards-and-testing-agency


LSIS (Learning and Skills Improvement Service) 


New Freedoms: New Focus: LSIS have published a document which sets out a framework for improvement and development. It analyses the contexts in which the learning and skills sector is now operating and sets out their areas of focus. Read it at: http://www.lsis.org.uk/Services/Publications/Documents/LSIS-Strategy-Framework.pdf

Strategic Intentions 2011-2014: To accompany the above document LSIS have set out their vision for 2011-14 and these can be read at: http://www.lsis.org.uk/Services/Publications/Documents/LSIS-Strategic-intentions-12092011-Update1509.pdf

Simplifying Apprenticeship Processes: John Hayes' measures to simplify the apprenticeship programme are in response to a report by LSIS Employer Reference Group 'Simplifying end-to-end apprenticeship processes for employers'. The report can be read at: http://www.lsis.org.uk/Services/Publications/Documents/LSIS2011-05-SimplifyingApprenticeshipProcesses.pdf

Foundation Degree Forward: The resources from this initiative have been transferred to http://www.higherlearningatwork.org/

Sector Support Service: This is a new provision which replaces the LSIS Improvement Adviser Service with a brief to overcome underperformance and drive up sector-wide improvement. The article can be read at: http://www.lsis.org.uk/AboutLSIS/MediaCentre/NewsArticles/Pages/TribalawardedLSIScontractforanewsectorsupport.aspx

Strategic Publications: A list of sector-relevant strategic publications at September 2011 can be found at: http://www.lsis.org.uk/Services/Policy/Policy-Updates/Documents/Sector-Relevant%20Strategic%20Publications.pdf

Funding Opportunities: LSIS has a number of funding opportunities for both small and large projects which can be accessed at:http://www.lsis.org.uk/WorkingWithLSIS/Opportunities/funding-Opportunities/Pages/default.aspx. These include:
LSIS and SfA Equality and Diversity Partnership Project fund
Leadership in Technology grant based intervention fund
Resurce Utilisation Network fund
Stepping up in Sustainability fund
Curriculum Development fund

Policy Updates: The latest LSIS Policy Update can be read at: http://www.lsis.org.uk/Services/Policy/Policy-Updates/Documents/LSISPolicyUpdate2011-12No10.pdf


IfL (Institute for Learning)


IfL welcomes John Hayes' proposal for an independent review of professionalism in the further education and skills sector. The article can be read at: http://www.ifl.ac.uk/newsandevents/latest/ifl-welcomes-ministers-proposal-for-an-independent-review

IfL has endorsed the recommendations outlines in NIACE's report of its inquiry into adult literacy in England, Work, Society and Lifelong Literacy. The article is at: http://www.ifl.ac.uk/newsandevents/press-releases/professional-teachers-and-trainers-are-key-to-improving-literacy 

IfL has a new President: Beatrix Groves takes over from John Chorley in October - see article at: http://www.ifl.ac.uk/newsandevents/press-releases/ifls-new-president-promises-positive-action-on-diversity



ITE Inspections for Awarding Body provision: In July this year Ofsted published new guidance on Initial Teacher Educator Inspections for 2011-12. These inspections will now include provision leading to awarding body qualifications in the lifelong learning sector. This provision hasn't previously been included in Ofsted inspections. Further details can be found at: http://www.ofsted.gov.uk/resources/initial-teacher-education-inspections-201112


SfA (Skills Funding Agency) 

College and Training Organisation Survey 2011: The results of a survey into how well the SfA has supported colleges and training organisations can be found at: http://readingroom.lsc.gov.uk/SFA/College_and_Training_Organisation_Survey_2011_-_Published_28_September_2011_-_V1.pdf

Renewal Grants: Geoff Russell has written to eligible colleges to announce that a sum of £25 million is available for Renewal Grants. Details at: http://skillsfundingagency.bis.gov.uk/news/pressreleases/25-million-in-Renewal-Grants-available-for-eligible-colleges.htm

FE Public Information Framework: As set out by BIS in New Challenges, New Chances, a new FE Public Information Framework will be developed. You can keep updated at: http://ffe.skillsfundingagency.bis.gov.uk/

SfA Update: The September issue number 75 of Update can be read at: http://readingroom.skillsfundingagency.bis.gov.uk/sfa/skills_funding_agency_-_update_-_issue_75.pdf


News from the Sector


Policy Watch is published by Pearson Publishing and gives useful summaries of the latest news in the Education sector. The link to Policy Watch can be found at: http://www.pearsoncpl.com/category/updates/

Sector News: WMCETT Sector News gives weekly news from the educational press and can be accessed from here

Discussion Document: A document mapping PTLLS learning outcomes from the revised PTLLS 2011 criterion to the PTLLS 2007 criterion has been developed by WMCETT, together with a document mapping resources against the revised outcomes. They can be found at: PTLLS mapping document and PTLLS resources and we would welcome your comments to wmcop@warwick.ac.uk.