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Tuition fees are payable for each year of your course at the start of the academic year, or at the start of your course, if later. Academic fees cover the cost of tuition, examinations and registration and some student amenities. They don’t include fees for accommodation, meals or general living expenses.

Academic fees may change each year of your course, see the Student Finance website for more information.

Please note: Fee tables will normally be updated for the following academic year between October and December each year. The fee tables indicate the last time the fees were updated for your reference.

Living Costs

As a rough guide, these will include accommodation (if you live off campus you will also have to budget for local travel and utilities ie heating, water, electricity); food and toiletries; clothes; telephone charges; laundry costs; books and materials for your course; leisure, sport and entertainment; sundries such as haircuts, prescriptions etc. Find out more about estimated living costs